Discover the inflatable Event Tent X-Gloo

The high-quality craftsmanship of the X-Gloo Event Tent is reflected through simple operation, minimal weight with small packing dimensions, and quick setup and take down. Once inflated with air, the lightweight tent stands securely on nearly any surface.

The BLOCK-BUILDING SYSTEM upon which the

tent is designed makes it possible to quickly change each individual component—such as the roof or tubes—to achieve almost any design or color combination. Tunnel elements provide the solution for easily attaching multiple X-Gloos to form a modular tent city!

Removable Roof

With the premium YKK zipper system, the roof can be quickly disconnected from the tubes.

If you desire a new design or changes in branding, you can simply order a new roof and reattach it. (4x4m, 5x5m and 6x6m X-GLOO only).

Exchangeable Tubes

It is simple to disconnect the tubes from the roof in order to exchange individual tubes.

This feature allows the creation of different color combinations by using various colored tubes, or a damaged tube can be replaced quickly and easily. (4x4m, 5x5m and 6x6m X-GLOO only).


Attachment of one or more Canopies expands the covered surface area of the event tent by up 300%! Up to 22 qm for the 4x4 X-Gloo, to 35 qm for the 5x5 and to 51 qm for the 6x6. Not available for the 8x8.

Additionally, brandable Canopy Banners can also be attached. 5x5 and 6x6 models only.

The Canopy and Canopy Banner are equipped with premium YKK zippers for quick and easy attachment and removal.

Anchor Ring

The Anchor Ring provides a secure connection point for tent pegs or our Ballast Barrels.

To connect Water or Sand Ballasts, you will find clips on the inside and outside of the Tube ends.

Inflation Valves

Using a manual or electric pump, an X-Gloo can be set up by one person in as quickly as 5 minutes!

The large-diameter, one-way inflation valves on the X-GLOO are equipped with protective caps. Overpressure valves prevent excessive pressure from building up in the tubes and open automatically as soon as the maximum pressure has been reached. They are also used for deflating the tent.


The core of the X-Relax is a cylindrical tube, similar to the Tube construction of the X-GLOO.

The outer shell of the X-Relax is constructed of robust polyester, can be designed to your specifications and replaced when desired.
The floor is equipped with a special fiberglass plate and
the seat has a foam insert.

X-Relax is easy to transport thanks to the practical tote bag and is ready for use within a minute.


X-GLOO Event Tents can be closed with Entrance-, Window- and Standard Walls.

Thanks to reversible premium YKK zippers, the walls can be zipped in facing inwards or outwards. The zipper rain cover on the tent roof prevents rain from entering the tent between the teeth of the zippers.

X-GLOO tents are waterproof!

Tunnel Part

The X-GLOO is available in 4 sizes.

All sizes can be combined with one another using a Tunnel Part.

This way you can create an entire tent city...

Multifunctions Loops

Die Multifunction Loops an den Tubeinnenseiten können genutzt werden um Gegenstände wie Lampen, Banner oder Dekoration daran abzuhängen.

Die an den Außenseiten angebrachten Shoulder Loops dienen zur Abspannung des Eventzeltes.


With the new LED Lighting Kit, the X-GLOO is now perfectly outfitted for events in low-light environments, such as evening parties or functions.

At a weight of 1,8 kg, the light is simple to transport and can be attached to the center of the roof quicky and easily with a strap. The cable to the transformer can be cleverly hidden between the roof and tubes.



The Event Tent Matrix in Multifunction Transport Bag including Hand Pump, Side Wall Storage Bag, Tension Lines, Operating Instructions, Closing Rod for 5×5, 6×6, 8×8, additional Setup Support Bar for 8×8 and Repair Kit with Replacement- Bladder, Protective Sole, Overpressure Valve, High Performance Repair Tape including Cleaning Cloth.

Side Walls, Tunnel Parts and Canopies can be quickly and easily zipped on and off with the premium YKK zippers (conform to Öko-Tex Standard 100). he roof and tubes can individually disconnected, exchanged or replaced. The reversible element zippers make it possible to attach the walls with branding facing inwards or outwards.

X-GLOO Event Tents in the sizes 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 and 8×8 can stand up to wind speeds of up to 60 km/h when properly tensioned and anchored – this has been proven by tests undertaken in a professional wind tunnel. For more exact information see the wind certicat.

X-GLOO Event Tents are waterproof. The roof seams are fused with sealing tape and the zippers are covered by a zipper rain cover.

All cloths have been carefully selected and have undergone extensive testing. The Roof material has a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of over 50 and achieves the light fastness standard level 4-5 according to DIN EN ISO 105-B02.

X-GLOO tents represent the highest quality and functionality in design and construction. These qualities are reflected in important details such as the robust and durable materials. X-GLOO Event Tents are component-specifically tested according to DIN 4102-B1 – abbrev.:B1 (regulates testing and requirements on the fireproofness of construction materials and components. German national norm, also used within most European countries.)

CPAI 84 Norm (specification of the American Association of Sailcloth Products for the evaluation of flameproof materials used in tents.)

The modular X-GLOO tent system offers maximal versatility and convenience.
Approximate inflation time

with the Hand Pump: 4×4 – 15 min / 5×5 – 23 min / 6×6 – 30 min
with the Electric Pump: 4×4 – 5 min / 5×5 – 10 min / 6×6 – 15 min

Delivery time 1-3 Wochen Delivery time 4-6 weeks
Block-Building System Block-Building System
Size 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 Size 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 8x8
in stock custom design
reduced Block-Building Elements all Block-Building Elements
reduced Standard Colors Standard Colors / Special Colors
Branding on Walls and Canopy Banner Branding on all Elements
Digital Print Digital, Screen Print und Sewn Application

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